About Us

Finalysis was established in 1990 by experienced bankers and accountants at UCD’s Business Innovation Centre, Dublin. The founders identified a critical gap in the financial services market for corporates, offering best practice banking strategies and delivering high cost savings in their banking and treasury operations

Finalysis Objectives

To advise corporations on:

  • Borrowings and best capital structures
  • Currency strategies, natural and other hedging techniques and systems
  • Cash management across currency, bank deposits and in-house banking arrangements
  • Relative bank offerings and strengths and consolidating relationships
  • Treasury systems, identifying appropriate arrangements


  • The Finalysis objective is best-fit banking with the corporate business at lowest cost
  • The combined skills of the team enable Finalysis to develop:
    • Holistic, rather than silo-based solutions to the corporate banking requirements,
    • Straddling multi-currency borrowings,
    • Rolling natural hedging and derivatives,
    • Transparent treasury systems for cash management

Core Competencies

  • Supporting the negotiation of new borrowings and managing the level, cost and structure of company debt and capital
  • Managing and protecting liquidity, currency, and interest rate exposures
  • Managing the cost of other banking activities:
    • Cash Management and Treasury Systems
    • Trade Finance and Overdraft Operations
    • Transactions Charges ​
  • Finalysis proprietary banking and treasury strategies are tailor-made for clients

Uniqueness of Services

  • Finalysis reviews deliver high value annually, on average €20k per €10m turnover
  • Benefits repeat annually and continue long after the Finalysis report
  • Highly empowering the financial controller by illuminating Bank policies and practices
  • Finalysis services are available either on a fixed fee or ‘agreed results’ basis and are thereby fully self-financing, without cost downside
  • Confidential Reviews are undertaken off-site
  • Modernisation of banking practices and systems has expedited Finalysis reporting
  • Recommendations are non–disruptive, easily implemented and are available for clients’ own discretion
  • Finalysis brings “Best Practice” to clients

Finalysis Milestones

1990 Finalysis Ireland established by Patrick Shallow

2001 Finalysis UK Ltd (Finalysisuk.co.uk) established to serve UK Universities and Public Sector

2016 Finalysis and Finalysis UK Ltd have completed some 500 reports for: Irish corporates, Multinationals and Universities

2020 Finalysis UK Ltd acquired by Aquila Treasury Services

2021 Finalysis Ltd launchs global franchise division