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Take Control of your Banking Costs… and your Banking Income
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We have saved individual multinational corporations several millions of euro with over 350 proven corporate clients to date.
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Typical annual benefits to the corporate average €20,000 for every €10m of turnover
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You cannot manage what you cannot see – Transparency is key
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What Problem do we solve?

Finalysis reviews your Banking and Treasury arrangements in the context of your business objective to ensure that you thereby access best practice arrangements, with full transparency, at lowest cost. Your report will invariably identify substantial available forward economies. Finalysis is staffed by former highly experienced bankers and accountants.

What we do it for? Is this You?

SavingsWould you like to make significant savings to your cost of banking
Bank ChargesDo you think your bank charges are too high.
FundingDo you have funding requirements
Card Subscribersare your card receipts growing.
Expensive PaymentsAre your foreign currency payments expensive
Deposit AccountsDo you use bank deposit accounts
TenderingAre you tendering for banking or card acquiring in the coming months
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Why we are best at it?

As former senior Bankers, we want to inform corporates globally of up- to- the- minute techniques to optimize their banking and treasury processes.


Tailored Strategies

Our propriety banking strategies are tailor made to you


Highly Experienced

high level banking and treasury experience of our consultants



Reviews are fully self financing and non-disruptive



Benefits are on-going



The service is highly confidential


Flexible Fee Structure

We offer a fixed fee or results based fee

 3 Pillers of The Finalysis Business


Market leading technology, practices, benchmarks, controls, and IP.


Professionalism and Spirit of our professional staff


Substantial review benefits are guaranteed, or no fee

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