Finalysis reviews client Banking and Treasury arrangements to ensure that Clients enjoy best practices and lowest costs

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Typical annual benefits to the corporate average €20,000 for every €10m of turnover
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Take Control of your Banking Costs… and your Banking Relations
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Finalysis has successfully saved over 350 companies like yours, hundreds of millions of Euros
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You cannot manage what you cannot see – Transparency is key
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The Problems We Solve

Staffed by former senior bankers, Finalysis reviews client Banking and Treasury arrangements to ensure that Clients enjoy best practices, with full transparency and lowest cost. Finalysis reports invariably identify substantial available economies which repeat from year to year.

Finalysis has helped over 350 organisations, including:

Areas we analyse

Finalysis founders identified a critical gap in the financial services market for corporates, offering best practice banking strategies and delivering high cost ongoing savings to their banking and treasury operations. We review the following areas at least and provide "Saving Reports" on these, for more information please read each section.

Why Finalysis?

We are expertly positioned to inform corporates globally of up- to- the- minute techniques to optimize their banking and treasury processes.


Tailored Strategies

Our propriety banking strategies, some patented are tailor made for you.


Highly Experienced

Ireland's First Treasury and banking consultancy, established in 1990. A record of 350 reports for Multinationals, Universities and domestic operations.



Reviews are fully self financing and non-disruptive



Benefits repeat fully from year to year.



Reviews are highly confidential


Flexible Fee Structure

Reports are guaranteed fully self financing, with the "no foal no fee" option

 3 Strengths of The Finalysis Business


Unique insights into best Banking and Treasury practices and pricing, based on collective high level experience and qualifications of Directors


Banking arrangements must follow the business and not the other way around


Guarantee of best practice and Self-Financing results while respecting the importance of the relationship

Our Team

Patrick Shallow

Patrick Shallow

Chief Executive Officer

David Miller

David Miller

Chief Commercial Officer

David Burke

David Burke

Senior Consultant