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Based on its long experience, Finalysis is in a position to advise domestic companies and multinationals on updated techniques to optimise their banking and treasury arrangements and processes.

Trusted by 350+ leading organisations across Ireland:

Why Finalysis?

Our clients enjoy best practices with fullest transparency of their banking and treasury operations, with lowest cost and highest revenues.

What you can expect from Finalysis...

Tailored to Corporate Requirements

Our proprietary and patented banking strategies are customised to the individual client.

30+ Years Internal Banking Experience

Finalysis is Ireland's first Banking and Treasury Consultancy with a record of 350 reports for multinationals, universities and domestic operations.


Reports are guaranteed to be non-disruptive and self-financing, with a 'no-foal-no-fee' option.


€20,000 for every €10 million turnover, repeating fully in later years.


Review process and findings are fully confidential.


Reviews can be total or partial at client’s discretion.

Trusted by leading organisations across Ireland:

Together with Finalysis UK Ltd, we have completed +500 reviews for Multinationals and Corporates, covering all sectors with annual turnover values ranging up to € 3.5 billion and with annual benefits up to €5 million.

Some specimen Industries and continuing benefits

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We provide clients with best-practice banking strategies and deliver ongoing savings to their banking and treasury operations.

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Management Team at Finalysis

Patrick Shallow

Patrick Shallow

Chief Executive Officer

Ph.D, MSc, Fellow of Institute of Bankers (sa)

Keith O'Leary

Chief Financial Officer

Prof. Brian O'Kelly

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