• After payroll, Finance costs are typically the largest overhead
  • Interest rate costs and currency costs are not transparent, obstructing efficient management
  • Currency exposures are High, Volatile, costly and can frequently endanger even Loan Covenants.
  • Inappropriate banking arrangements can seriously restrict Business Operations and Expansion
  • The Bank account and Borrowing Structures, including working capital
  • Bank Deposits and Related investments
  • Corporate Risk Policy, across all areas (Borrowings, Liquidity and Currency)
  • Existing Cash Management arrangements and Treasury System in use
  • Other Areas as requested
By comparing the new net costs projected under the recommended arrangements against agreed baseline costs
Recommendations are not aggressive and the client is free to decline any recommendations considered sensitive. Best practice reinforces!
Over many years and across many client types, review benefits average some €100k per each €50m of turnover, repeating annually. Best practice is identified and introduced.
No. The initial 40 minute meeting identifies the scale of available value, so no risk arises of unproductive research or time- wasting reviews
The service is completely confidential as it has been over 26 years
Recommendations are non-aggressive and implementation is entirely at the client’s discretion. It is rare to change the banking relationship.
Independently of the client’s banking profile and even in the absence of borrowings, reviews provide cost and income transparency, with strategic alternatives